Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Still snipping!

Yep, still snipping the raggy quilt! I tend to go back and forth between it and the crochet blanket in the evenings so my hand doesn't get too sure, but I think another couple of evenings will knock it off and then I can't wait to wash and dry it to see it come up all fluffy .... I hope!!!
I made a little trip to Spotlight yesterday too, to pick up some 'needles' ..... hmm managed to stash that bag in my study pretty quick when I got home! lol! In my defense I also got the last of the fabric I needed to use in a quilt for A2 and another for A1 - both needed backing and binding, plus a bit extra for sashing/extra blocks. Now just to cut and piece the fronts and then I have to go back for batting .... 

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Some progress!

I've spent a little time on a couple of my works in progress this long weekend ....
The crocheted blanket is still slowly coming along. I did take it in the car with me when we all went out for lunch on Sunday, but we had to go into the hills and for the first time in ages I started feeling a bit travelsick so I decided safest not to keep going! I have managed a few rows while watching Masterchef though ;)
My flannel raggy quilt, however, is in the process of being 'snipped'! I finished the binding and am now doing all the snipping to make it raggy. I think it will take me a few more nights to finish that part because my hand gets sore after an hour using the scissors! I'm pleased with myself though, because I made a matching pillowcase cover out of the leftover squares and binding .... I am definitely trying hard to clear out some of my stash and not hang onto scraps this year! The quilt looks good so far, of course the stitching isn't perfect, but I don't think my bubba will mind and I am looking forward to seeing how it fluffs up after washing and drying.
That's it for this update ..... wonder if I'll get more done this week with A1 heading back to school? lol, not likely I imagine!

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Crafty beginnings

I like to craft ... a LOT! I have a lot of supplies, and ideas too, but what I lack is the time and motivation to start and finish them all! This year I want to get stuck into some of the UFOs in my craft room and also start AND finish some of the projects I have ready to go (eg kits and fabrics/yarns I have bought with patterns in mind). Plus, I would like to create more things for family and friends, especially my 3 kids. It would be nice for them to be able to say 'my mum made this' (or at least I think it would be nice lol!).
So far this January I have
  • started a crocheted popcorn blanket for A2 - it's bright and multicoloured and I plan to add a white border after I finish the main section. I started on the 2nd Jan and so far I have used 1 1/2 balls and am onto the last full ball I have of that wool (well unless I check my stash and find more in there!) so hopefully I will finish it within the next month. I have been taking it in the car when we go on longer drives and that has knocked a bit of it over .... need to think of further places to visit to get more crochet time lol!
  • finished a pillowcase dress for A2 - very pretty Riley Blake fabric with butterflies in light blue, turquoise, mustard and chocolate. I have enough left over for something else so I'm toying with either a matching dress for one of her dolls or a skirt. The dress is a bit big for her right now (although she has already worn it) but I made it hoping it will last until next year, and she can add leggings under it too.
  • pieced a quilt top (lap size) and matching cushion front. I bought the material and pattern for the fronts at a craft fair last June and decided to get going on it. Amazingly enough I had enough of similar colours in my stash to add a border around the pieced squares and for the backing, (yay! more stash-busting!) so I have them basted and waiting to be hand-quilted at the moment ..... I will need to purchase some fabric for the binding though. Looking forward to finishing it and having it on my couch ready for winter, fingers crossed!
  • arm knitted a scarf! yes, that's right, I knitted it with my arms! I just grabbed some random chunky multicoloured wool I had in my stash and made it into an infinity scarf, but it looks quite good and once I perfect my casting on and off so it looks neater, I will be making more of these for gifts, maybe even for the Mother's Day stall at A1s school. 
  • pieced a flannel raggy cot quilt for A3. I had some cute flannel material I had picked up a while ago in plain and print and then I picked up some extra the other week as it was only $3.99/m so I used that instead of batting which meant I didn't have to cut different sized squares. All the squares were cut to 6" x 6" and then I joined the pieces with 1/2" seams. I am going to bind it instead of having raggy edges as I know A3 will chew on the edges (he's teething, poor boy) and I don't really want him to have a mouthful of fluff. So all that's left on that project is the binding, snipping and then the washing and drying to make it fluffy!
Okay, so that is what I have finished and started this month! Not a bad start to the year! I hope to share some pictures of the finished products in the weeks/months to come.
I have also made several cards for friends birthdays and hope to spend another afternoon doing some more of that soon. In fact I need to make some cards for a swap I'm in, so that will force me to sit and stamp .... such a shame ;)
The other thing I need to do is cook up some food for the freezer. We have an abundance of zucchinis at the moment so I have been 'pinning' zucchini based recipes to try and especially ones that will be good for the school lunch box. Maybe Monday will be my cooking day .....

Here we go ....

I've been toying with the idea of blogging again for a while. I like the idea of getting my thoughts out there and written down to give my head a rest (sometimes it hurts to have so many ideas bustling around in there!) but it has taken me a while to take the plunge. I don't plan to blog about anything particularly important .... well, I guess that should be anything particularly important to other people, however, it will be the little things that are important to me, family, craft and cooking.
So, if anyone is reading this, 'welcome'!