Friday, 31 May 2013

Block 1!

A few weeks ago I saw that one of the blogs I see on facebook, And Sew We Craft, was having a Quilt-a-long. I want to try out more piecing designs and improve my skills so I decided to give it a go and now I have finally finished my first block! Check out And Sew We Craft for the details of the Quilt-a-long.
First (of course!) I NEEDED some fabric ;) It just so happened that the weekend I saw the QAL info, I had been looking at a gorgeous fat quarter bundle at Fabric Patch and then they announced it was on special! yay me! Here is my beautiful bundle of Flutter fabrics by Riley Blake.

Once I received my bundle, I picked up some coordinating homespun in a cream colour and then it has sat there for 2 weeks!!! Finally got my backside into gear though, and have completed the block for May ready for the new one in June.
Here is my little helper, she is concentrating hard taking the pins out of the blocks after I stitched the cream squares on. She was so excited to be helping!

And here is my finished block..... (link to instructions here)

Slightly wonky of course! But, once it is eventually quilted hopefully that will be less noticeable.
Very excited to see the next month's block now and hoping to get it done earlier in the month this time!

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Ooops! Has it been that long?!

Wow! Those school holidays flew past and already we are in week 5! How did that happen?! Scary fast!
I don't have anything to show you right this minute because I am downloading on my computer and it is taking for...e...ver so I don't want to risk interuppting by plugging in the camera or anything, but I will have some things to share soon.
I wanted to put it out there too, that I am hoping to join in one (or maybe 2!!) quilt-a-longs! I have some fabric here and if I get off the computer shortly to get my other jobs done, I will get going with the block for May! Exciting stuff!
I have been visiting lots of blogs lately and I am really enjoying reading about these kinds of projects, where everyone makes their own version in their own home but can use the internet to share their work. It's a lovely idea and makes the lonely nights you might spend doing your crafts at home by yourself seem a little less lonely :)
Off to get some work done while this computer keeps downloading and hope to be able to share my block soon!