Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Still snipping!

Yep, still snipping the raggy quilt! I tend to go back and forth between it and the crochet blanket in the evenings so my hand doesn't get too sure, but I think another couple of evenings will knock it off and then I can't wait to wash and dry it to see it come up all fluffy .... I hope!!!
I made a little trip to Spotlight yesterday too, to pick up some 'needles' ..... hmm managed to stash that bag in my study pretty quick when I got home! lol! In my defense I also got the last of the fabric I needed to use in a quilt for A2 and another for A1 - both needed backing and binding, plus a bit extra for sashing/extra blocks. Now just to cut and piece the fronts and then I have to go back for batting .... 

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