Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Ooops! Has it been that long?!

Wow! Those school holidays flew past and already we are in week 5! How did that happen?! Scary fast!
I don't have anything to show you right this minute because I am downloading on my computer and it is taking for...e...ver so I don't want to risk interuppting by plugging in the camera or anything, but I will have some things to share soon.
I wanted to put it out there too, that I am hoping to join in one (or maybe 2!!) quilt-a-longs! I have some fabric here and if I get off the computer shortly to get my other jobs done, I will get going with the block for May! Exciting stuff!
I have been visiting lots of blogs lately and I am really enjoying reading about these kinds of projects, where everyone makes their own version in their own home but can use the internet to share their work. It's a lovely idea and makes the lonely nights you might spend doing your crafts at home by yourself seem a little less lonely :)
Off to get some work done while this computer keeps downloading and hope to be able to share my block soon!

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