Saturday, 16 March 2013

Baking day!

'Days' actually ;) lol!
I am loving the cooler weather (even though it's still in the high 20'2, but that is cooler that the 30's, that's for sure!) and have been enjoying cooking meals and snacks this week. I also discovered the reason for some of my recent baking fails :( is my SR flour isn't right (long story but hubby is a flour miller AND my supplier, so there were words spoken!!!) my cakes and cupcakes lately have been flat and taken AGES to bake and I thought I was doing something wrong or had grabbed the plain instead of SR, but when my Nanna's Cream Cake recipe did not turn out right I KNEW there was something wrong! So, this week I have added some Bicarb soda to the flour and, boy, what a difference! Still not quite right as I need ot work out how much i need depending on how much SR I am using, but MUCH better! Yay!
So, yesterday I baked Cheese and Pumpkin Scones and a Pumpkin and Sultana Cake (this is one I had a fail with a fortnight ago, much better this time!). and today I made curried chicken triangles (with pumpkin and cauliflower) for lunch then made a Banana Loaf, mmmmm! It's great that I am able to add these to the freezer and I plan to make a couple of Zucchini Slices early this week to add to the freezer too.
Sorry, I didn't think to take any pics, but I will try to remember next time :)

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