Saturday, 23 March 2013

Nananananananana ....

Pow! Thwack!
My firstborn is turning 7 in a couple of short weeks and although we normally do parties every other year, I caved and said yes to one this year ;) He so enjoyed the Pirate party last year and we had a lot of stuff happen last year as a family, yet he has been so good this year, so I really felt he deserved it (can anyone say 'softie'? ;)) Anyway, he Requested a Batman party, so I have been busy making and sourcing some Batman party supplies .... a bit difficult considering they have discontinued the current design and the new design is due in store 'about mid-March' .... I finally pointed out to one place on the 13th of March that the middle of March was 2 days away! That comment was met with a blank look! Argh!
Sigh, so I made the invitations myself (I would have done that anyway) but annoyed with myself I forgot to take a photo. Will have to make up the spare and get a photo of that to share. And then I have been sorting out a few other things like prizes, etc. Keeping me busy and especially when I see other stuff that I want/need for A3's 1st birthday party in August and buy that too! Oops! Oh, well, I guess at least I should be organised for that!
Off to try and get that little one to sleep and then a few more ripple rows done so I can share it again with you this week .... happy Saturday night, people!

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