Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Catch up photos

I managed to get the photos off my phone! Yay! Even better, it was me that figured it out, hubby kept saying I needed new software, but no, I just needed to tell the phone to connect (although I had to go looking in the menus to figure this out!)
Anyway, I have already shared my updated photo of my ripple blanket, but here is one of the taggie blanket I made .....

And the dress for A2 .....

My sewing of clothes needs some improvement (and perhaps using a proper pattern might help? lol!) but they look okay and she is happy with them, so that's the main thing.

And lastly these are a couple of baby boy cards I have made. One to send to my friend with the new baby boy and one for my 'box' of cards to be ready to send .... in my aim to be better organised!

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