Monday, 8 April 2013


Sorry, I have been a bit slack on here lately. My little man was very grumpy in the evenings and nights last week (tooth popped through on Saturday, yay!) and then on Saturday hubby and I succumbed to the colds the kids had been trying to share with us :(
I have also been spending some time preparing for the upcoming birthday party! Can't believe my big boy is turning 7! Batman party accessories are all sorted and then I decided last night to go ahead and make the Flannel Rag quilt with the Batman flannel I had bought (with some matching plain flannel) .... smart idea to do this when my head was foggy and it was already 8pm! I did manage to get it all cut and pieced, and am about halfway through snipping the edges - my fingers needed a break, hence the blog post! I will share some pictures next weekend after the party.
Anyway, here is an update photo on my Ripple blanket ...
It's 3/4 the way there, I don't think I will get anything done this week though, but then I will be getting stuck into it as I would like to have it done by the end of the school holidays ... then I can start the next blanket!

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