Friday, 22 February 2013

2 years coming

This is a project I finally completed last week. I bought a pin board for A1 2 years ago (at least!) with the intention of making him a covered pin board to display photos, cards, etc, and it has sat there and sat there next to my filing cabinet! Because I have been trying to clear out some clutter to make my room more functional, I found some fabric I could use and decided to get it done finally! I had the fabric (thermal lined) left over from when I made him some little bean bags (for games) a couple of years ago, so I just layered that with some wadding and use my staple gun to attach the material at the back. I had the ribbon left over from the boy version of the ribbon wands I made for A2's birthday party, and once that was stapled on I even used some of my brads to fix the ribbons in place. Very happy that I got it made and managed to do so without buying any new supplies!

A1 really likes it and it is now hanging in his bedroom :)

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