Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Busy, busy

Back again after a few days off blogging. I managed to get quite a bit of crafting done in the last week or so, amazing what you can do if you leave the computer off!
I am pleased to say I got 2 beanies finished off as well as making 2 new ones! One of the ones I finished was the gorgeous 'Shell Stitch Beanie' by the Dainty Daisy. And then because I finished it while we were driving in the car (well, I was a passenger!) I decided to start another one and even finished it that night! very pleased with myself although I took the photo below before I had cut and darned the ends! I haven't added a flower yet as I need to look up that pattern, but A2 has already claimed the first one and it looks pretty even without the flower.

I also finished a Granny Stripe bag similar to this one by Tangled Happy. I have made a few of these now for little girl birthday gifts and so I adapt each a little so they are slightly individual. I used 2 strands of hot pink for the main part and then one strand each of lime green and white for the top part. I love those colours together, nice and bright and 'springy'.

I will leave it at that for now and share some other pics of completed projects with you soon.

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