Saturday, 23 February 2013

One down ...

Yay! The blanket I started on 2nd January is done!

I used a pattern called 'Rainbow Blanket' (found here) but as you can see I chose to used variegated yarn instead of using various colours. I was making the blanket to do some stashbusting so I had 2 1/2 balls of this bright multicoloured yarn and thought it would still look nice with the lovely bobble texture of the pattern. For the border I used a chunky soft white wool as a contrast to all the bright colours. So excited to have one finished! I had planned to make it for A2 but with the size it ended up I asked if she would mind if we give it to a friend who is having a baby (providing it's a girl!) as I think it would be a lovely size for a bassinette blanket and she as quite happy with that :)

In mentioning size and being not the size I expected I have learned a few tips in the last few days (see, blog surfing does have it's positives! lol!)
1. Do a test piece (even if you unpick it) to plan the size before you start the real thing
2. Don't be afraid to unpick the first couple of rows if you think it's too wide or not wide enough
3. if you are trying to figure out the finished size after a couple of rows, WEIGH the completed part and then weigh your completed wool. That should give you an approximate indication of what your finished size might be.
4. see 2!!!! if the dimensions aren't going to be right, change it THEN, don't regret it later!

Haha! so as you can see, I really need to be less lazy when planning my projects, but at least I have learned from this and will definitely use that to help in future
..... speaking of the future, I have already begun my next crochet blanket! I follow 'One Crafty Mumma' on facebook and saw that she was hosting a 'Ripple-along' where followers can create and share a ripple blanket over the same time period. I had been wanting to try a Ripple Blanket and had already print the one from Attic 24 that Melissa had followed when she created her first one, so I rummaged through my stash (I have been given a lot of yarn lately, so I wanted to use what I had) and found some lovely buttercup yellow, lavender and cream. My order and colour band width are going to be different to the original, but they will make the most of the yarn I have.

I have finished 4 rows of my first colour and am about to begin my second colour....... and so I will say goodbye now and get hooking!

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